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Hello !

Welcome & thank you so much for stopping by!

I love being an artist, I’m super super happy when I’m creating work in my small and usually messy garden studio in the heart of Shropshire. I am inspired by so many things in my environment. I’m always taking photographs on my walks, sketching and collecting stuff. My pockets are often filled with leaves, seedpods, stones or bits of colored plastic picked up from the beach. I just love the hustle and bustle of a busy boat yard, or a scrap yard with all the shapes and patterns. My absolute favorite place is the beach, any beach, and in any weather, not just for inspiration but also for clearing my busy mind. When I return to the studio I focus on creating the connections and feelings I had at the time, looking at color, shape, lines, texture and the layers that have evolved over time.

I am on my own creative journey, and I’m having a blast, I grasp every opportunity to learn through play, experimentation and refinement to build my creative practice, which has led me to produce paintings in my own style that I am super proud of.

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